Manipur: Directives Issued for Upcoming Monsoon Assembly Session

Imphal, August 18 2021: The Secretariat of Manipur Legislative Assembly has issued directives regarding various arrangements made as precautionary measures for the smooth functioning of the 13th Session (Monsoon session) of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly slated to start from 11 am of August 20.

The vehicles of all the elected members of Manipur Legislative Assembly including the Speaker and Deputy Speaker will enter the Assembly Complex through the Main Entrance Gate No 1 and park at the designated parking area and exit through Main Gate No 2.

The vehicles of Chief Secretary, DGP, Additional Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and ADGP who are on duty during the Assembly Session are allowed to enter and exit the Assembly Complex through Main Entrance Gate No 2 and park at the designated site.

The vehicles of Government officers from the level of Secretary and up to level of Commissioner shall enter through Main Gate 2, alight at the main entrance door and the vehicle should exit through the same gate.

The vehicles should pick up the officers at the time of the departure through the same route.

The vehicles of the Medical Team and Fire Tender should enter through Main Entrance Gate No 2 and park at designated parking areas and exit through the same gate.

The vehicle of the Escort Party will not be allowed to enter the Complex, however, all the PSOs of VIPs and Officers shall enter through Gate No 3 without arms and exit by the same gate.

Private vehicles of all the employees of Manipur Legislative Assembly and PWD/Press/Media should enter and leave the Complex through Gate No 3 and park at the designated parking areas.

Persons possessing any firearms or materials not related with the Business of the House should deposit the same to the security personnel on duty (Marshal staff) before entering the House.

All officers should deposit their laptops and mobile handsets to the security (CID) personnel deployed on duty at Main Entrance Door No 1 (basement); Senior Government Officers (HOD/Secretaries/Commissioners) on duty at the Assembly Session carrying laptops may deposit to the staff of the Secretary, Legislative Assembly at Door No 4 and all Government officers on duty can avail the service of the Assembly Staff posted at door No 4 for taking print out from their laptops, if needed.

All staff of the Assembly Secretariat should display/produce their ID cards and they may be exempted from putting their particulars and signatures in the register book at Gate No 3.The Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary, Secretary to the Chief Minister and Secretaries, Government of Manipur on duty are allowed to carry their mobile phones on silent mode inside the Assembly Hall during the session.

No construction/renovation work is to be continued during the Assembly Session.

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