Manipur: Demands apology from RNCM

Imphal, July 17 2022: Peikai (Village Authority) of Keishamthong Kabui Village has urged the Rongmei Naga Council Manipur (RNCM) to issue an apology to the public for allegedly trying to distort the history of Manipur thereby misleading the public.

The Kulakpa of Keishamthong Kabui Village in a press release strongly denounced the motive of RNCM for adding ‘Rongmei’ in Keishamthong Kabui Village in the press release issued by RNCM in connection with its consultative meeting held on July 11 .

The Khulakpa clarified that RNCM rented the community hall of Keishamthong Kabui Village to conduct its consultative meeting and the meeting was not related with the village in any form.

The Keishamthong Kabui village has been in existence since the monarchical period dating back to around 1890s when the members of Band Party who used to perform at Kangla during the reign of Chandrakriti Maharaj were given a place to settle in Keishamthong Kabui village by Churachand Maharaj.

For many years the Kabui of Keishamthong Kabui village were only allowed to perform as a band party for festivals and significant occasions and they have been serving the people.

In light of the above aspects, the Khulakpa strongly condemned the alleged motive of Rongmei Naga Council Manipur for trying to misrepresent the history of Keishamthong Kabui Village.

Therefore he urged RNCM to clarify on the matter and issue an apology publicly at the earliest.

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