Manipur COVID-19: Three women declared positive at JNIMS, turns out negative

Imphal, Sept 25-2020: Three women from Achanbigei Awang Leikai who were tested positive for COVID-19 on rapid antigen test at VRDL JNIMS have been found uninfected (negative) after their samples were subjected to Truenat COVID-19 Real-Time PCR test at Babina Diagnostics, and these conflicting reports have raised a serious question on the authenticity of the COVID-19 tests done in the State.

The three women who have been given contradictory test results have been picked up by Health Department and housed at UNACCO COVID Care Centre, Meitram.

After a pharmacist of Achanbigei Awang Leikai was tested positive for COVID-19, certain area of the locality was declared as a containment zone by the Government on Tuesday last.

On the next day, 23 samples were collected from the containment zone and sent for rapid antigen test to VRDL, JNIMS.

Out of the 23 samples, three were returned as positive while the others were said to be negative.

As the three women whose samples were tested positive were deeply worried and wanted confirmation, they went to Babina Diagnostics yesterday afternoon for Truenat COVID-19 Real Time PCR test.

Although the test results came out negative today, the women had already been picked up Health Department at around 10.30 pm yesterday and put at UNACCO COVID Care Centre.

The contradictory test results have confused not only the residents of the containment zone but all the people of Achanbigei.

Meanwhile, the North Achanbigei Development Organisation and local Meira Paibis have appealed to the authorities concerned to clear the confusion at the earliest.