Manipur: CM Biren Promises Peace in return for Votes

Bishnupur, December 01 2021: Chief Minister N Biren has cate-gorically stated that Manipur fell behind in almost every sector due to the people’s failure to elect competent legislators in the past .

Addressing two political conferences of BJP held at Kumbi and Bishnupur today, the Chief Minister continued that the incumbent Government has brought back smiles on the face of Manipuri people in just four years and a half.

N Biren stated that BJP tickets will be given after a proper survey.

He urged the people to support the candidates put up by the saffron party.

Saying that Rs 3 crore has been allocated to build three roads in Kumbi and plan is underway to open one Nationalised bank within Kumbi AC, N Biren said that the Kumbi PHC will also be upgraded to CHC.

Kumbi lags behind in terms of infrastructure due to the election of incompetent candidates at the time of election, he said.

Continuing that the Government is considering upgrading of Kumbi Kangjei-bung to a mini sports com- plex, he added that a Go to Village function would be held at Kumbi shortly.

The Chief Minister also stated that one Ima Market would be constructed within Bishnupur AC.

Saying that the Government is also providing healthcare facilities to the people at their doorstep through its flagship programme “Health for All”, Biren urged the people to elect MLAs who will work at the grassroots level but not the ones who work for personal gain.

He further urged the people to support the BJP in the election.

“Give us votes, we will give you peace,” N Biren maintained.

Claiming that the incumbent Government doesn’t make empty promises, Biren asserted that the Gov- ernment is also considering to establish better health care facilities at remote villages.

Further stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP National president JP Nadda think fondly of Manipur, he added that implementation of ILPS and renaming of Mt Harriet as Mt Manipur is a validation of their affection.

N Biren also said that BJP is the only political party that can build a better Manipur.

BJP State unit president A Sharda Devi said that Manipur got a taste of independence only after BJP came to power.

Urging the people to help abolish political parties which looted people’s properties, she appealed to all to hand over power to BJP for 20 years to take Manipur and India at large to greater heights.

Works Minister Th Bishwajit, Education Minister S Rajen Singh, BJP Bishnupur District Committee president RK Bimola Devi, BJP Bishnupur Mandal president N Raghumani, BJP Kumbi Mandal president S Angousana Meetei and intending candidates of BJP also attended the programme, among others.

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