Manipur: BJP expels chief spokesman Ch Bijoy for 6 years

Imphal, February 11 2022: BJP Manipur Pradesh chief spokesman Ch Bijoy has been expelled from the primary membership of the party for six years.

Ch Bijoy has also been expelled from BJP Uripok Mandal too.

BJP Manipur Pradesh president A Sharda issued an order to this effect on February 8 .

Meanwhile, Ch Bijoy has pledged support to JD-U’s Kh Suresh who is contesting the Assembly election in Uripok AC.

Speaking to media persons at his Lamphel resi- dence today, Ch Bijoy said that BJP Manipur Pradesh has been filled with jackals who came in the garb of sheep.

While asserting that BJP has been fighting against corruption, black money and dynastic rule, Bijoy asked if BJP Manipur Pradesh has done anything substantial.

“One primary reason for not allotting party ticket to me and expulsion from BJP is that I am not rich and I don’t have many followers but I do not have any intention to win election by buying votes”, Bijoy said.

He then asked if the ruling party does not have any capacity to extend some financial aid to a senior member/candidate of the party.

Chief Minister N Biren’s claim that BJP tickets were allotted to Okram Henry and RK Imo for their contributions in saving his Government is logical.

“But N Biren’s assertion that BJP tickets were not allotted to those who conspired to topple his Govern- ment is illogical.

I was not an MLA nor did I take part in any conspiracy to topple the Government”, Bijoy said before asking why he was not given BJP ticket.

“It is true that I don’t have money nor do I have many followers.

But a candidate of Keishamthong AC who is quite rich and has large followers was also denied BJP ticket”, Bijoy pointed out and asked leaders of BJP Manipur Pradesh not to make statements which smack of adopting double-standard.

“As my conscience does not allow me to vote for the BJP candidate of Uripok AC who is allegedly known for amassing black money, I declared my intention to vote in favour of NOTA.

Now I would openly work for JD-U candidate Kh Suresh”, Bijoy said.

He said that a number of ‘original’ BJP members who are adverse to playing sycophancy have left the party and joined JD-U.Accusing BJP Manipur Pradesh of following a policy of ‘use and throw’, Bijoy called upon all disappointed original BJP members to come out and unite together.Maintaining that he was not surprised when he was expelled from BJP, Bijoy said that his expulsion was driven by vested interest.

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