Manipur: BJP consults Doctors regarding Health Issues for incorporation in Manifesto

Imphal, December 07 2021: Informing that BJP, as part of its preparations for the upcoming 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly election in 2022, has taken suggestions from doctors regarding health issues for incorporation in its manifesto; BJP Manipur in-charge Sambit Patra said that the state will achieve true development if the BJP government were to continue on for 30-40 years.

On Tuesday, BJP Manipur Pradesh met with doctors at Hotel Imphal, North AOC and took various suggestions related to development of health sector, which will be published in its manifesto.

The suggestions were collected and kept together in a box in secrecy.

Speaking in this regard, Sambit Patra contended that the state will attain true development if BJP continues to be power for the next 30-40 years.

There will no reason for shortage of different specialist hospitals and equipment, he added.

Maintaining that doctors are an indispensible wealth of the state/country as well as for the patients, Sambit Patra said that doctors are part of the nation’s security, as has been proven by being the frontline warriors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thus, the suggestions from the doctors will be minutely discussed with central leaders, which would prove to be highly beneficial for the country, he asserted.

BJP Manipur Pradesh Manifesto Committee member, and MLA Th Radheshyam, who was also present at the consultation programme, said that the BJP government has been prioritising education and health sectors, both sectors expending the highest revenue.

Thus, the suggestions were also taken to ascertain why patients travel outside for treatment despite the presence of doctors in the state, he conveyed.

Advisor (Health) to CM, MLA Sapam Ranjan and retired Lt Gen L Nishikanta were also present during the event, along with several doctors.

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