Manipur: Another kidnap bid case reported in Tashar village

Ukhrul, June 16 2022: Barely five days after a school-going kid got away from the hands of unknown kidnappers in Ukhrul town, another case of attempted kidnapping has been reported from Tashar village under Ukhrul sub-division, sending shock waves across the district.

In the latest case of suspected kidnap attempt, four unknown women attacked a girl with stones in broad daylight outside her house and managed to flee before the locals showed up at the spot Based on the report, a team of Shangshak police has rushed to the village and began necessary investigation into the matter on Thursday, police said.

However, findings of the investigation were being awaited and FIR has not been registered yet in the case, police added.

The incident occurred around 10:30 am at Tashar village on June 15, according to information issued by Tashar village headman AS Shinmi.

He said that in the said incident, four unknown women attacked a 14-year-old girl by pelting stones at her and caused an injury on her leg outside her house when she was alone.

Terrified, the girl ran inside her house and closed the door.

However, the four women chased her till the door and tried to break into the house to take her away, alleged the headman.

It was only when the girl started calling her parents on the phone that the unknown women fled from the scene, he informed.

Another source added that the girl was alone at her house at the time of the incident.

Her parents had asked her to bring some belongings later on and had just left for the field.

It said that the four unknown women suddenly started pelting stones at the girl (injuring her) when she was outside her house at Hakhongtang.

“This scared the girl and she ran inside her house and bolted the door.

After this, the women followed her till the door and started knocking and banging the door as if to break in.

They asked the girl to open the door telling her that they came to ask for drinking water,” the source said.

The girl called her parents (on the phone) who then sought help from the neighbours.

When the locals rushed out, the suspected kidnappers had already disappeared from the scene, it said.

All the unknown women reportedly covered their face with masks and also worn hand gloves.

Headman AS Shinmi has expressed serious concern over the incident, calling it as an act of savagery and called for stringent measures to thwart such crimes.

He informed that to prevent recurrence of such incidents in the village, the village authority has decided to restrict entry of unknown persons in the village until their identities are established.

He urged all commuters and the public to cooperate with the village authority in its move to ensure security of the locals.

Earlier, on June 10, a nine-year-old boy was reportedly chloroformed and put in a gunny sack by unknown youths near his house at Mayotang Zone II in Ukhrul town.

Police have registered an FIR and investigation is on in the matter.

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