Manipur: 24th Meira Paibi Day observed

Imphal, May 28 2022: The Meira Paibee Numit Observation Committee observed the 24th Meira Paibi Day at Tharo Devi ground, Khurai Salanthong, today.

Poirei Leimarol, MEPWAK and AMOVA are the members of Meira Paibee Numit Observation Committee.

The gathering paid floral tributes to the statue of Meira Paibis erected at the venue.

At the function, Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur president L Memchoubi said that there is indeed a visible change in the socio political and economic conditions of contemporary Manipur as compared to the 1980s but it is not taking the State forward.

Claiming that the population density of non locals continues to rise in Manipur, she said that the people in Manipur will not be able to live peacefully unless the misunderstanding with India is resolved.

Memchoubi further said that the ILP system being implemented in the State lacks effective mechanisms to regulate the entry of non-locals.

She also claimed that the AFSPA was imposed to suppress people and it is not likely to be repealed from the North East States entirely.

Continuing that people of Manipur still are subjected to the atrocities of security forces and other machinations, Memchoubi urged all Manipuris to be wary so as to keep the integrity of the State intact.

Apart from Central security forces harassing the innocent and defiling women, the boundary of Manipur is being put on stake frequently, she claimed and added that the right to life of many Manipuris have also been violated by these security forces on numerous occasions.

Claiming that the issues of drugs in Manipur might also be a move to suppress the people, she claimed that the Government is insincere in carrying out a war on drugs campaign as “they have only been arresting some drug peddlers while the kingpins are at liberty” .

She, however, lauded the State Government for its campaign to stop the drug menace.

Retired Director of Art and Culture Dr K Sushila and MEMWAK president Rengsongak Koireng also attended the programme.

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