Mamata Banerjee incites Islamists to stage protest in Delhi as mob blocks West Bengal roads demanding Nupur’s arrest

Islamists, on Thursday (June 9), blocked Delhi-Kolkata National Highway near Ankurhati on NH 116 to protest against Nupur Sharma’s comments on Muhammad’s life.

The Islamists blocked the highway, which resulted in a traffic halt for 11 hours. They burnt tyres and harassed civilians in the name of protest. At one point, Islamists even pelted stones, shouted slogans and demanded the arrest of Nupur Sharma for her comments on Muhammad’s life.

Later, CM Mamata Banerjee provoked the protestors and told them to go to Delhi. She even told the Islamists to block the roads of the national capital and demand the resignation of the Prime Minister.

“If you all are so annoyed, then go to Delhi & protest there peacefully & demand the PM’s resignation. Why are you creating a problem here? I request you all to maintain peace & withdraw protest,” Mamata Banerjee said, news agency ANI reported.

After multiple rounds of negotiations between protesters and Domjur Trinamool MLA Kalyan Ghosh, local clerics and cops, Islamists cleared the way after 9 pm.

Nupur Sharma has become a target for Islamists after the so-called ‘fact-checker’ and co-founder of Alt News, Muhammad Zubair, twisted her words in an 85-second video on social media.

The doctored video became viral, and several Islamists issued death and rape threats to Nupur Sharma. AIMIM (Inquilab) leader Qavi Abbasi even announced a bounty of 1 crore on the former spokesperson of the BJP.

After BJP suspended her from the party, Nupur Sharma took to social media and issued an apology saying it wasn’t her intention to hurt the sentiments of others.

The Islamists did not calm down despite issuing a public apology. They targeted not only Nupur but also those who supported her comments on Muhammad’s life.

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, who came out in support of Nupur Sharma, said Muslims were issuing him death threats for supporting Nupur Sharma’s comments on Muhammad’s life.

Wilders advised Indians to stand with Nupur Sharma slammed Islamic nations for condemning Nupur’s comments. He said Islamic nations should be criticised as they have neither democracy nor the rule of law.

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