Madhya Pradesh: 250 Christians in Jhabua and 32 Muslims in Ratlam reverted to Sanatana Dharma

Madhya Pradesh: In the Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh, 250 persons have left Christianity and reverted to Hinduism. In the Bekalda village of the Petlawad area of Jhabua, there has been a religious awakening among the people since Pandit Kamal Kishore Nagar visited the village for a religious function. The effect of this was that two days ago when Pandit Nagar again visited the village for the ‘Pran-Pratishtha’ ceremony of the Sri Ram temple, 250 families reverted to the Hindu religion. Similarly, in the Amba village of the Ratlam region, 18 Muslims retreated to Sanatan Dharma after worshipping at the Shiva temple.

They offered prayers at the Bhimnath Mahadev Temple in Amba on Friday morning. In the presence of Swami Anandgiri Maharaj, everyone took a bath with ‘Gau- Mutra’ and wore Janeu. Before returning home, everyone also signed an affidavit of conversion without any pressure.

A local villager Mohammad Shah while talking to the media, said that he has converted back to Hinduism with family and relatives. He said that his three generations had been associated with the herbal trade. For the last several years, he followed Swamiji in the MahashivaPurana Katha, after which he decided to become a Hindu again.

Dr Praveen Hamadh, who was engaged in making the campaign successful, said there was a famine in 1966. Hunger was in full swing. At that time, taking advantage of the situation, the villagers were converted to Christianity. Efforts were going on continuously to break the vicious cycle of conversion that started amidst compulsion. Gulripada is the same village where Seva Bharati’s Ram Rath was stopped from entering in 1998.

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