Local Employees embezzled around 35 Crore from 16 ATMs’ in Manipur

Following the broad daylight, SBI ATM loots in Churachadpur, a comprehensive investigation being followed where a nexus of other illegal cash embezzled and conspiracy reveals.

CCpur, Sept 30-2020: The Writer Business Services formerly know as Writer Safeguard Pvt Limited has reportedly claimed that over Rs 3.5 crore have been embezzled in ATMs by their employees at Churachandpur.

The cash replenishment agency’s report came days after it conducted audits of 16 ATMs across the district to ascertain the actual amount of cash embezzled by their local employees.

The exact cash shortage that came to fore during the audit was Rs 3,33,06,100 while the cash loss suffered during the robbery was Rs 1,15,00,000 said a complaint filed by the CRA officials.

Audit for another ATM is still pending.

The complaint submitted to OC Churachandpur PS also indicated that, there are cash shortage in 16 of the 17 ATMs belonging to various banks that was maintained by the Writer Business Services in Churachandpur.

The total amount embezzled, including from the ATM for which audit is pending and the looted amount thus stands at a staggering Rs 4,67,15,100, according to the report.

The report also claimed that two of their employees who are now in police custody identified as K Somen Singh and Valte Thangkhanmuan are deployed in Churachandpur for cash replenishment of the 17 ATMs.

The victims of the reported robbery – Arambam Ranjan was identified by the report as a gunman outsourced from Global Force Management Agency.

On the day of the alleged robbery, Ranjan was required to drive/guard the hired vehicle as the routine driver did not come, it added.

The complaint filed by one Janmajoy Chakraborty, Branch Manager Writer Business Services Pvt Ltd said the company has suffered loss on account of the fraudulence of the company’s employees with their intention to put the organisation at a financial loss.

It therefore requested the OC to register a complaint on the matter and do justice and also to return the public money to the banks immediately.