Leaked phone conversation hints imposition of illegal tax on inter-State vehicles

Imphal, April 15 2022: A phone recording of a conversation between a suspected UG cadre and a bus owner has gone viral on social media as the former allegedly demand illegal tax.

In the recording, the alleged cadre informed the bus owner that he was calling from the godown (which is allegedly a code to mean that they’re from an outfit which collects tax) and asked him if he was the owner of Ibenou passenger bus.

When the bus owner replied in the affirmative, the alleged cadre informed him that his bus along with the driver had been detained for non-payment of tax.

At this, the bus owner said that he couldn’t pay the money upon immediate notice like this, to which the alleged cadre replied that they had already sent information through a DI driver about the situation before.

When the bus owner complained about the number of groups who imposed taxes on the inter-state vehicles, the man deflected and asked to speak about the impending issue of unpaid tax instead.

At this, the bus owner suggested that they let his driver go and give him their number so that the two parties can have a conversation about the matter at a later date.

The alleged cadre disagreed and accused the bus owner of being disrespectful and proceeded to threaten that they will continue to detain the driver and vehicle.

At this, the bus owner was overcome with anger and at the other end of the call, a person who seemed to be a senior official took over the conversation and further spoke to him about the situation.

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