Large number of Lamjingba Group Investors storm at Group’s Office

Imphal, January 12 2022: A large number of Lamjingba Group investors stormed the Group’s office situated near Imphal Airport on Wednesday.

In accordance with the assurances given by Lamjing Group, the investors arrived at the Group’s office on Wednesday to withdraw their deposits/investments as per the list prepared beforehand by the Group.

However, the investors found inadequate number of staff in the office.

The investors were then called inside according to the serial number provided, wherein the staff informed the investors that they cannot give back the money in cash but exchange the amount with a vehicle or a property.

The investors, who were already dissatisfied over being made to wait for the returns on their investments due to the Covid-19 pandemic, became more agitated with the attitude of Lamjingba Group.

As such, a quarrel broke out between the staff and the investors, which became worse as no proper representative of Lamjingba Group came forward to calm the investors.

Taking the situation into account, the office of Lamjingba Group has been kept guarded by the police to prevent any unwanted incidents.

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