Kerala: Bomb hurled at RSS office in Payyannur; A bid to divert attention from CPM’s martyr fund scam?

Kannur: A bomb was hurled at Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) Karyalaya in Payyannur of Kannur district, informed the police on Tuesday.

The incident happened in the early morning hours. The glasses of a window were also broken in the attack.

“A bomb was hurled at RSS office in Payyannur, Kannur district. The incident happened early this morning with window glasses of the building broken in the attack,” said Payyannur police.

The attack took place ahead of a ‘Balidan Yatra’ in memory of a Swayamsevak, who was murdered by CPM goons 10 years ago.

According to local residents, the attack took place amid allegations of irregularities in managing the Dhanaraj martyr fund of Rs 60 lakh. Dhanaraj was a criminal accused in several murder cases, who was also a local leader of CPM. According to reports, two CPM leaders had withdrawn Rs 42 lakh from this fund and diverted it for other purposes. It has created a storm inside the local CPM committee in Payyannur. It is alleged that the attack on the RSS Karyalay was pre-planned to divert the attention of party workers from the scam.

To divert the cadres’ attention from inner-party issues, CPM has set a dangerous precedent in Kerala, especially in Kannur district- unleashing violence on RSS-BJP or other opposition parties. In Kannur district alone, the RSS and BJP have lost hundreds of workers to the swords of CPM.

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