Islamist Propagandist Rana Ayyub, Who Led Islamist Mob on BJP’s Nupur Sharma, Hasn’t Yet Deleted Her Fake Tweets

Islamist propagandist Rana Ayyub led the charge against BJP National Spokesperson Nupur Sharma with fake tweets. It has been more than three days since it was pointed out that she was lying in her tweets, but she hasn’t deleted them yet.

At the midnight on May 28, Propagandist Ayyub posted “The national spokesperson of Narendra Modi’s BJP has used the most derogatory language against Prophet Mohammed, accused him of having sex with a 6 year old on a national news channel. Narendra Modi, this is the only politics you are capable of right? YES, SICK?”

It was pointed out that this tweet of Ayyub is full of lies as Sharma never said any such thing. The video of the show was widely available everywhere. Even the video of the show which Ayyub shared has no such comment of Sharma.

But Islamist Ayyub did not delete her tweet.

The TV debate had happened on Thursday (May 26) night on Times Now, with Navika Kumar anchoring the show.

On Friday (May 27), propaganda website Alt News’ co-founder Islamist Mohammed Zubair posted a clip of the show with the comment that Sharma had used derogatory language against Prophet.

Zubair had posted “Prime Time debates in India have become a platform to encourage hate mongers to speak ill about other religions. Times Now Anchor Navika Kumar is encouraging a rabid communal hatemonger & a BJP Spokesperson to speak rubbish which can incite riots. Shame on you Vineet Jain.”

Getting the cue, an Islamist digital mob descended on Nupur Sharma’s timeline with rape and death threats.

The very next day, propagandist Ayyub spread more lies about the show. Sharma had said in the show that Prophet Mohammed married Aisha when she was six years old and had consummated the marriage when she was nine.

Sharma had only quoted Quran and Hadith in the show, without using any derogatory language against anybody.

But Islamists spread lies that Sharma had used derogatory language in the show.

Based on a complaint of Islamist organisation Raza Academy, Mumbai Police lodged an FIR against Sharma for hurting religious sentiments and promoting enmity between communities.

Rana Ayyub, an ace propagandist, has been caught spreading fake news on multiple occasions. An ED investigation is going on in a money laundering case against her.

The ED had accused her of collecting money in the name of poor people and transferring in the bank accounts of her father and sister. She had also used money for her personal expenses.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had trashed her book Gujarat Files, calling it a work of fiction.

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