Irate Investors storm Lamjingba Group Office

Imphal, April 04 2022: Disgruntled investors of Lamjingba Group on Monday stormed the private financing firm’s office located near Imphal Airport, demanding the company to return their principal investment even without the interest incurred.

As the investors crowded the Group’s office, police personnel tried their best to keep the crowd under control so as to prevent any unwanted incidents.

It is said that the investors were asked to the come to the office by the chairman of Lamjingba Group for a meeting at 1pm Monday.

However, when the investors arrived at the appointed time, no official of the Group was present to take responsibility, thereby fuelling the anger of the investors.

The frustrated investors then exited from the Group’s office and attempted to take out a rally till the CM Bungalow, but were intercepted by police at Sangaiprou Mamang Leikai.

During the rally, the investors shouted slogans demanded Lamjingba Group chairman Sanasam Jackie to be produced before the people and for the CM to look into the matter and alleviate their sufferings.

In this regard, an investor named A Kumarjit conveyed that the investors did not take any interest on the money they had invested in the Group during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the pandemic slowly subsided, the offices of Lamjingba Group also started their normal operations.

However, the Group informed that they could not pay the interest for the time being and as such, have not been paying the interest till date.

He recounted that the investors were asked to submit an application if they wanted to withdraw their investments and thus, many complied with the advice.

After this, the Group tried to play “divide and rule” by arguing that some of the investments were pre mature, while others had matured.

Ihe Group continuously tried to fool the investors in this way.

Kumarjit then said that Sanasam Jackie, the chairman of Lamjingba Group never agreed to a meeting with the investors for a long time.

The chairman finally agreed to meet the investors and told them to come to the office around 1 pm on Monday.

The investors showed up at the appointed time but neither the chairman nor any functionary of the Group, who could take responsibility, showed up.

Demanding Lamjingba Group to return the invested money of the investors at the earliest, Kumarjit further demanded fixing a date for the same, regardless of whether the investments are pre-mature or have matured.

He also appealed to the CM to look into the matter and help in recovering the money of the investors.

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