Indira Gandhi was tired of calling “garibi hatao”, it made no difference: Amit Shah

New Delhi: Union Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah has said that despite repeated sloganeering Congress could not help the poor people much.

“Indiraben (Indira Gandhi) was tired of calling ‘garibi hatao, (remove poverty)’ but it made no change Slogans were raised to remove poverty, but it gave no result.,” said Shah.

This was because in the Congress rule, the government schemes remained confined to papers only for years.

But within the last eight years, PM Narendra Modi implemented many schemes on the ground to make changes in the lives of the poor, he said adding moreover, as the party organisation,  BJP took these schemes to the people.

Amit Shah was addressing functions at his parliamentary constituency of Gandhinagar.

Referring to the Gujarat model of development, Mr Shah said that PM Modi’s efforts as the then chief minister ensured water sufficiency which played a crucial role in the development of the state.

Because of Modiji, he said the LPG cylinders, toilets, bank accounts, electricity and other utilities became available to people at their doorsteps.

He also pointed out that as many as 60 crore people were given ‘Ayushmaan Bharat’ cards for health services free till Rs 5 lakh, he said.

“If the government makes projects and people do not know about them, then they will remain on paper. We had seen this during the Congress rule,” he said.

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