India’s Covid-19 case Doubling worsens to 10.2 days over last seven days in some States

NEW DELHI: India’s doubling rate for Covid-19 cases worsened to 10.2 days over the last seven days with cases increasing rapidly in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi though there is better news on the improving recovery rate and the fatality rate at the national level at 3.3%, health ministry data show.
This is a change from Tuesday when the health ministry had reported a doubling time of 12 days, the same day which saw the highest jump in cases and deaths. The fall in doubling time comes after several weeks of steady improvement. The deterioration of the doubling rate is attributed, at least in part, to reporting gaps in certain states, such as West Bengal, which are now being corrected.
“Compared to the rest of the world, India’s fatality rate is lowest,” health minister Harsh Vardhan said on Thursday, pointing to efforts to ensure timely reporting and efficient clinical management in combating Covid-19. The data also shows the disease in India to be of less in severity with just 1.1% of all Covid-19 patients on ventilators, 3.3% on medical oxygen and 4.8% in ICU beds.
India’s testing capacity has also increased to 95,000 per day from around 75,000 daily at the beginning of the week. This is spread out in 327 government laboratories and 118 private laboratories. Cumulatively, over 13.57 lakh tests have been done so far.
As on Thursday, the health ministry reported a total of 52,952 Covid-19 cases. Of this, 15,266 persons have been cured and 1,783 deaths reported. In the last 24 hours, 3,561 new confirmed cases have been added and 1,084 patients cured. The current recovery rate is 28.8%.
Flagging challenges in combating Covid-19 at a time when the disease graph has been gradually peaking instead of regressing as the government had hoped amid the lockdown, Harsh Vardhan said the challenge was to prevent the disease from making its way to unaffected districts. There are currently 319 unaffected districts in the green zone, 130 red districts and 284 orange ones.
However, more and more districts, the minister said, were now managing to prolong the period of reporting of new infections, with 180 districts having no case between seven and 13 days; 164 districts with no case between 14 and 20 days; and 136 districts with no case from 21 to 28 days.