Illegal Arms manufacturing unit found in Churachandpur district, no arrest

Churachandpur, August 25 2022: A combined team of Churachandpur district police, personnels of Field GT and troops of 113 Battalion of BSF during an operation discovered an arms manufacturing unit in Churachandpur district of Manipur. The combined team raided a local arms manufacturing unit located at Chiimtung Veng, New Lamka, today.

Police sources said the raid was conducted following inputs provided by FGT BSG, Imphal which stated that the local arms manufacturing unit was supplying illegal arms to some UG groups.

The combined team started their raid in the house where the manufacturing unit was located at about 11:50 am. The house owner identified as Pauminlun Suantak son of (L) Hauthinlian Suantak of Chiimtung Veng was not in the house during the raid.

Illegal Arms manufacturing unit found in Churachandpur district

However several arms, a number of components and tools used in making guns have been recovered. The recovered items from the illegal manufacturing unit in Churachandpur includes :

  1. one local made single barrel gun;
  2. one wooden gun butt;
  3. one local made single barrel (small);
  4. one local made firing pin unit (small),
  5. one local made firing pin unit (big),
  6. one curve barrel part;
  7. one local made trigger assembly,
  8. one local made transactory (part),
  9. three trigger guards,
  10. two old type trigger units,
  11. one local made hammer unit;
  12. one trigger unit;
  13. one local made cocking pin/bridge block part,
  14. one local made magazine,
  15. one solid iron magazine block,
  16. one ceiling carry (single),
  17. one welding machine (ideal),
  18. one cutting machine,
  19. one drill,
  20. one air blower

A case has been registered under Arms Act 1959 against Pauminlun Suantak, the owner of the house who is at large.