IAF Evacuates Infant Without Passport from Kabul to India

Amid the mass evacuation operations in Afghanistan, an infant without a passport also boarded the C-17 transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force. An evacuation coordinating official at the scene told ANI that “an infant had also landed on a special IAF flight to India without a passport”.

After the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, people in large numbers were airlifted from the Kabul airport. As part of the rescue operation, 168 people, including 107 Indian nationals, were on board and brought to India on Sunday, August 22.

IAF evacuates 300 people from Kabul airport

The IAF has evacuated as many as 168 individuals from the violence-torn country. Among the 168 evacuees, there was one toddler who did not have a passport, and the infant’s nationality was also not revealed.

Besides two more flights carrying refugees from Kabul and India, the nationals of both countries reached Delhi airport on Saturday.

Amid the ongoing mayhem in Kabul, the Taliban has allowed India, among other countries, to operate two flights a day under the NATO agreement.

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