Hijab Controversy a Conspiracy, Says Kerala Governor

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said hijab has never been banned anywhere, and the mounting controversy in this regard is the result of a larger controversy. Governor was talking to a Malayalam daily and said people enjoy the right to wear any attire they like and is not denied by anyone. But, every educational institution insists on rules and regulations, and uniform is a part of it. The admission to the institution is based on an undertaking that students would adhere to it. 

Kerala Governor alleged it is a political controversy to make hijab an issue using girl students. It is a move to prevent Muslim girls from availing a proper education. 

The governor added that the Common Civil Code is wrongly interpreted as well. It is a system of law that would ensure equal rights and duties for all. The idea is not to pave the way for the state’s interference in any religious matters but to stop every bad practice the religion controls. He wondered, how can it be against any religion?

Governor narrated a story concerning the niece of the Prophet’s wife, who kept on fighting against the hijab. He said it was how the women of the first generation of Islam behaved.

Kerala Governor denounced equating hijab with a turban, an essential part of the Sikh religion as hijab is not a part of Islam. Hijab is mentioned in Quran several times, but not in connection with the women’s dress code. It refers to ‘purdah‘, which means there should be a ‘purdah‘ in between when you speak. Hijab is not mentioned as a part of Islam in the Quran, and hence, the argument of wearing hijab cannot be justified by equating it with Sikh’s turban. 

As expected, Arif Mohammad Khan’s interview has invited the wrath of all pseudo secularists, including the ruling CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) and Congress-led Opposition United Democratic Front (UDF). All alleged the Governor’s words as a move to appease RSS and PM Modi. Indian Union Muslim League supremo P. K Kunjalikkuty said Governor said so because his knowledge in this matter is limited. CPI leader Annie Raja alleged that Governor’s statement is meant for boosting the energy of RSS. She added it is a violation of the Constitution.

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