Guwahati: Police Arrest 3 People In Connection With Annu Hazarika Murder Case

Guwahati: Three people have been arrested by the police on the night of 9 February in connection with the Annu Hazarika murder case, in a recent development.

The accused have been reportedly arrested from Bongaigaon in Assam. However, the identities of the accused are yet to be disclosed.

Annu Hazarika was allegedly murdered inside her house in Kalapahar area in Guwahati on February 7. She had been living alone in her house after her husband and son passed away a few years ago.

The police are of the view that the women, who was in her sixties, is suspected to have been a victim of a pre-planned murder executed for robbery.

The reports said that one of the colleagues of the women tried to call her but since there was no response from her, he decided to check her at the apartment.

After reaching the apartment, he found the door to be broken and the house was in a mess. However, he couldn’t find the woman following which he informed police about the same.

Later, the police managed to locate the body of the woman which was lying under a bed and discovered that her hands and feet were tied up using a tape.

Annu Hazarika owned the Heera Complex in Gopinath Nagar in Guwahati. As per reports, she owned assets worth a whopping Rs. 100 crores.

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