Grow Manipur Team clarifies regarding Investment & earnings

Imphal, June 03 2021: The GMT Grievances Redressal Forum (GMTGRF) has clarified that Grow Manipur Team is an investor in stock market which is regulated by the Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and that the team is not involved in any double-dealing activities as claimed by certain individuals.

A press release issued by GMTGRF further said that GMT was formed by like-minded individuals to bring about a financial revolution by sharing the profit earned from the stock market.

Claiming that the members of GMT are never tricked out of their earnings and there is no restriction on investors withdrawing their invested amount, the statement continued that GMT, however, was closed since April 29, 2021, due to the Covid restrictions.

Even during the closure of its office last year, GMT never failed to share the profit with the investors, it added.

The GMTGRF also claimed that GMT has its monthly tour plan and that their next plan was Russia.

We never intend to escape to Russia as return tickets were also booked, the statement continued.