Governor releases four special covers on “Unsung Heroes of Manipur”

Imphal, October 13 2021: Governor La Ganesan today released four special covers of Department of Post on the ‘Unsung Heroes’ namely Thangal General, Bir Tikendrajit, Paona Brajabashi and Haipou Jadonang of Manipur at Raj Bhavan.

The function was organised by the Postmaster General, North East circle.

Speaking at the function, Governor La Ganesan said that it is a great pleasure to release 4 (four) special covers of the Department of Post dedicated to the ‘Unsung Heroes of Manipur’ who had sacrificed their lives for the motherland.

During the freedom struggle millions of leaders and freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to defend and free India from the clutches of British tyranny, he said.

He also said that the struggle which started with the death of Mangal Pandey and great rebellion in 1857 finally ended on August 15, 1947 when India emerged as an independent Nation.

He further stated that people will never forget the sacrifices made by the said heroes to uphold Manipur’s freedom.

However, amidst our praises for the greatest of the leaders, known and unknown, we often forget the contributions of some unsung heroes.

These freedom fighters were as fierce as others and had the courage to stare death in the eyes, and at last dedicated their lives for the cause of Independence.

Let us unitedly pay tribute to these freedom fighters by devoting some time for them, he added.

The Governor urged that efforts of the office of the Postmaster General, North East Circle to have four Special Covers of the Department of Posts on Thangal General, Bir Tikendrajit, Paona Brajabashi and Haipou Jadonang are indeed commendable and praiseworthy.

He also said that he is confident that these four covers will earn popularity not only in the North East States but all the States of the country.

The Governor advised the Postmaster General, North East Circle to put in efforts to ensure that the stories of these heroes are covered in school and college textbooks so that students and the younger generation can learn lessons from their lives and the sacrifices they made for Manipur as well as the Nation.

The function was attended by Som Kamei, Postmaster General, North East Circle, L Tiken Singh, Superintendent of Post, Manipur and other staff of the Department of Post.

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