Government’s ‘War on Drugs’ campaign a joke: CADA

Imphal Dec 17, 2020: Reacting strongly against the order of the Special Court ND & PS for immediate release of former ADC Chairman, Chandel District Lhukhosei Zhou, the Coalition against Drug and Alcohol (CADA) has urged the state government to appeal against the verdict at a higher court.

In a press release, CADA Secretary Information Publicity Khundongbam Anand stated that the main accused Lhukhosei Zhou was arrested in connection with the seizure of drugs worth Rs. 27 crore consisting of Heroin no. 4 powder and WY tablets on June 19 in the year 2018 at Lamphelpat official VIP quarter and from different places. It added that after the ruling the people have developed full suspicion at the fairness of the Special Court ND & PS.

CADA further stated frequent changing of Investigation Officer (IO) of the case, transfer without any reason of one police officer ASP NAB who took a big responsibility in seizing the drugs, changing of ND& PS judge midway, strong directive from higher authority to former SP of Imphal West district and president of All Manipur Bar Association (AMBA), attempt at modification of the charge sheet of the case, which created a big crisis in the state.

The anti-drug and alcohol body mentioned the resignation of AMBA president as well as strong political pressures given to all the police officers involved in seizing the drugs and most surprising thing of all the loss of original samples of the drugs. Because of these various reasons, the people have lost all faith, added Khundongbam Anand.

The present BJP-led state government has rendered its mission “War against Drugs” a joke and meaningless although the leaders talk about the value of the mission at public gatherings. He said that because of the corrupted nature of the authority, it had failed to prove that the drugs seized were connected to the main accused. This shows that the judiciary system of the land has totally failed, the release added.

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