Geological Field Work & Research in Ukhrul: Legal Proceedings Against Deputy Commissioner

Ukhrul, December 14, 2020: Social activist LM Thanmi has taken up legal proceedings against Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul Joseph Pauline Kamson for ‘issuing’ permission to carry out geological fieldwork and research in villages of Ukhrul district, and urged immediate revocation/ rectification of the impugned information.

The legal proceedings were taken up for giving permission to a team of officers from Geological Survey of India, NER Shillong to carry out fieldwork and research in villages of Ukhrul without the consent of the respective villages authorities.

The proposed villages for conducting fieldwork and research are Hungpung, Khangkhui Khullen, Porei, Sihai KI & Kn, Khamasom, Peh, Huishu, Shangshak Kl & Kn, Gamnom, Ukhrul-Talui and Lambui/ Ramva-Shokvao villages.

LM Thanmi mentioned that Hill Areas Committee ( HAC) the Union of India and State of Manipur have no authority to survey land and forest of the tribal areas of Manipur without referring to HAC.

The social activist further mentioned that Manipur Land Revenue (MLR) and Land Reform Act, 1960 is not extended in the tribal areas of Manipur.

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