Gauhati High Court Dismisses 6 Yrs Old Case Against Subramanian Swamy

Gauhati High Court Dismisses 6 Yrs Old Case Against Subramanian Swamy

GUWAHATI: A hate speech allegation brought against Dr Subramanian Swamy in Karimganj Court in 2015 was rejected by the Gauhati High Court on Friday. The complaint was rejected by Justice Manish Choudhury’s court.

Today, Swamy was present in the courtroom. According to a writ petition filed under Article 226/227 of the Constitution and Section 482 of the Criminal Procedure Code, all actions and complaints before the Ld Trial Court were nullified.

As abuse of the legal process, the Gauhati High Judicial granted the Writ Petition and declared all court processes and complaints null and invalid. A lawyer filed the complaint, and the Karimganj court issued a warrant for Swamy’s arrest. Swamy has filed a writ petition with the number WP(C) 4186/2015 challenging the subject.

“Today, the Assam High Court dismissed a Hate Speech complaint filed in Karimganj Court against me. For those who filed it and had a warrant issued against them, it’s a crushing order. Satya Sabharwal assisted me with my defence preparation. Others also stepped in to help. In the next tweet, I’ll name them. “VHS Tony was fantastic,” Swamy said in a tweet.

“The Assam High Court today rejected a Hate Speech charge brought against me at Karimganj Court. It’s a devastating order for those who filed it and had a warrant issued against them. Satya Sabharwal helped me prepare for my defence. Others jumped up to assist as well. I’ll name them in the following tweet. In a tweet, Swamy stated, “VHS Tony was wonderful.” The Supreme Court awarded BJP leader Subramanian Swamy relief in 2015 by postponing the execution of a non-bailable warrant issued by an Assam court against him for allegedly making a hate speech at a university there. In response to an appeal challenging the constitutional validity of certain criminal statutes relating to rioting and hate speech, a bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and M Y Eqbal issued notice to the Centre. At the start of the hearing, senior attorney T R Andhyarujina, who represents Swamy, said, “This man has been subjected to tremendous harassment for giving a speech at a university.”

The panel forwarded Swamy’s matter of issuing a summons for allegedly delivering hate speech to the high court or an appropriate court, opting to file concerns on the legality of crucial IPC articles.

The panel then postponed the non-bailable warrant’s (NBW) implementation for six weeks, giving Swamy time to seek redress from a competent court. Swamy has asked the Supreme Court to reverse a trial court order in Karimganj, Assam, that imposed an NBW against him for failing to appear in a case of alleged hate speech. After a complaint was filed accusing him of presenting an abusive discourse at Kaziranga University on March 15, Swamy was summoned by the local court on March 19.

The arrest warrant was to be served on or before June 30th, according to the Karimganj court. On May 21, a Supreme Court justice recused himself from hearing his appeal challenging the constitutionality of several “hate speech” laws. The BJP lawmaker also requested a stay on the Karimganj Additional Judicial Magistrate’s decision, stating that he was a defendant in the statements.

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