#FridayFrenzy: Miscreants threw eggs on the Shivling of Koteshwar Mahadev Temple in Prayagraj

After the violence on Friday after Friday Namaz, the action of the police and administration continued till late at night. Police and RAF personnel also conducted a flag march. Before the situation could be brought under control, an attempt was made to incite riots again on Saturday. To stir the sentiments of the people, some miscreants threw eggs on the Shivling in Koteshwar Mahadev temple in the Shivkuti area of Prayagraj.

In the morning, when the temple’s priest saw the eggs on the Shivling, he was stunned. Soon this news was out, and people gathered around the temple; the police reached the spot and controlled the situation.

The local people have demanded strict action against the accused. A CCTV camera is also installed inside the premises of the Koteshwar Nath temple.

Police have started the investigation by taking possession of the DVR.

In Prayagraj’s Friday violence, the police have started tightening the noose against the rioters. SSP Ajay Kumar said that a case has been registered against 5000 unknown and 70 named accused. Action will be taken against them under Gangster Act and Rasuka.

At the same time, the mastermind of Prayagraj violence, Javed Ahmed alias Pump, has also been taken into custody. He is said to be the planner of the entire violence. Many important pieces of evidence have been found on his mobile. Police said that they will also probe the role of his daughter, who studies at JNU Delhi.

Yesterday on Friday massive violence broke out across India over remarks made by suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on the life of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. Islamists gathered large numbers after Friday prayer, pelted stones, and created ruckus after the Namaz.

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