Equality Labs: Nexus of Anti-Bharat Forces in the United States Which is ‘Creating Division and Rancor’

A talk show by Equality Labs Executive Director Thenmozhi Soundararajan was cancelled by US-based tech giant Google. In a statement, the company said that “We also made the decision to not move forward with the proposed talk which—rather than bringing our community together and raising awareness—was creating division and rancor.”

The talk show was supposed to take place early this week. The cancellation has again brought to the fore how Equality Lab has a nexus of Anti-Bharat forces in the United States. Equality Labs propaganda report was used in a lawsuit against Cisco in 2018.

Working as a front of anti-Bharat forces, Equality Labs has been at the forefront spreading propaganda against Indian new farm laws, CAA, abrogation of Article 370, among others.

In its report Caste in the United States, the Equality Labs named people and organisations it is associated with. The list threw up many names and organisations which are working in cahoots with ISI and terrorist organisations like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Sikhs for Justice etc.

The report talked about its association with Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), an organisation which is associated with ISI and is known for spreading hate and propaganda against Bharat.

IAMC’s founder Sheikh Ubaid, is also associated with Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) which has links with Pakistan-based terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba. The IAMC has played a prominent role in furthering the hysteria of ‘Muslim genocide’ in India. It has been actively lobbying in the US against India and her interests.

In October last year, there were anti-Hindu riots in Tripura based on rumour that a mosque was burnt in Panisagar. The IAMC had an important role in spreading the fake news.

When independent fact-checking websites and individuals started exposing the Equality Labs, it became more cautious. It made efforts to hide names of many controversial organisations and individuals. The names of people associated with it and involved in the management of the organisation were removed.

The Equality Labs has Huma Dar and Sana Din as its advisors. Huma Dar, who works at the Department of Ethnic Studies in the University of California, has been a known India baiter and a supporter of Khalistan. Sana Din has been associated with the IAMC.

Huma Dar’s daughter Natasha Dar was a co-author in the Equality Labs report ‘Caste in the United States’.

The same anti-Bharat individuals and organisations were involved in stirring up the hysteria against India during farmers’ protests.

Pakistan born Abdul Malik Mujahid, who was associated with terrorist organisation SIMI and is running Islamist propaganda organisation Justice for All, has an active association with the Equality Labs.

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