Either Convert or Leave Kashmir, Warns Terrorist Organisation Lashker-E-Islam to Kashmiri Hindus

In a fresh threat to the Kashmiri Hindus, the terrorist organisation Lashker-E-Islam warned that it would kill them if they didn’t convert or leave the Valley. It further said that neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor Union Home Minister Amit Shah would be able to save the Kashmiri Hindus.

In a letter, Lashker-E-Islam said, “This is a final warning, leave Kashmir or get killed. You people have betrayed people of Kashmir. One by one all of you will be killed and sent to hell. Neither Modi nor Shah or any other person in India can save you from us.”

It asserted that Kashmir is only for those who believe in the command of Allah and the Prophet and every Kashmiri Hindu is a threat to Islamic Kashmir.

Reminding the Kashmiri Pandits of the genocide of 1990, it said that what was left unfinished in 1990 will be finished now.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, calls were made to the Kashmiri Pandits from mosques to leave the Valley. Thousands were killed by the Islamists.

It also warned Muslims not to befriend Kashmiri Pandits. “If Muslims of Kashmir do not remain aloof from Kafirs, they will also be killed. For the freedom of Muslims of Kashmir from Kafir India and its men, we will not hesitate to go to any extreme,” it warned.

It provided Kashmiri Pandits with the option of converting if they want to save their lives. “Accept Allah and his Prophet as only Supreme Divine or leave Kashmir, else be ready to be dispatched to hell,” the Lashker warned.

On Wednesday (April 13), terrorists shot dead Kulgam resident Satish Kumar Singh. Condemning the killing of Satish, Jammu & Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said, “I strongly condemn the terror attack on civilian Satesh Kumar Singh in Kulgam. Terrorists involved in this despicable act will be brought to justice soon. My thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved family in this hour of grief.”

Targeted killings of Hindus are continuing in the Valley. On April 4, terrorists in the Shopian district shot at a Kashmiri Pandit shopkeeper. Last week, four labourers from outside Jammu & Kashmir were injured in two separate terrorist attacks in Pulwama.

Filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri directed a movie, The Kashmir Files, which talks about the genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley. The movie was released in theatres on March 11. The Leftists and the Islamists made multiple attempts to stop the movie’s release.

A targeted campaign was run to discredit the movie.

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