DMK spokesperson says genocide should’ve been carried out against Tamil Brahmins as advocated by ‘Periyar’ EVR

In yet another instance of the DMK peddling hatred against Tamil Brahmins, the party’s spokesperson Rajiv Gandhi posted on his Twitter advocating genocide against the community.

Alleged ‘neutral’ political commentator Sumanth Raman had shared a snippet of E.V. Ramaswamy Naicker (EVR)’s speech in which the anti-Hindu hate-mongering calls for killing Tamil Brahmins.

“They are celebrating a festival, it seems. He (Tamil Brahmin) is celebrating Soora Samharam (a festival commemorating Lord Murugan’s victory over demon king Soora Padman). He (Soora Padman) was someone who said there is no God. They (Tamil Brahmins) killed him. So, now we can kill those buggers.” EVR, who is hailed as ‘Periyar’ by his followers, says in that speech.

EVR also goes on to say, “That won’t be wrong. Maybe legally, it will be wrong. That legal offence and all is humbug. We can’t be bothered that it is legally wrong. We have to come to this conclusion. Wherever we see a temple, we must go inside and break all the idols inside. Wherever we find a Paapaan (a derogatory way of calling Tamil Brahmins), we must kill and destroy him. He has done this to us. He has come to this good position by doing these kinds of things only. We must also do such things to him (Tamil Brahmin). A few of us (non-Brahmins) would have to die for the cause. If one Tamilan (non-Brahmin) dies for one Tamil Brahmin, only 3 of us will die out of every hundred. Balance 84%, sorry.. 100-3 equals 97, 97-3 equals 94. 94% of us will still remain, but he (Tamil Brahmin) will be completely eliminated. We will definitely go to this level. We can only go step by step.”

This brazen call for genocide was given by ‘Periyar’ E.V. Ramaswamy Naicker in 1973 at Karikudi, Tamil Nadu.

Sharing this speech snippet on his Twitter, Sumanth Raman drew the attention of the people living in the rest of India to understand the hate peddled against Tamil Brahmins in Tamil Nadu.

He also added that the genocide did not happen thanks to Indira Gandhi and AIADMK supremos M.G. Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa.

Responding to this tweet, DMK spokesperson Rajiv Gandhi wrote, “Had only the Shudras carried out Periyar’s instructions, and they wouldn’t have to fight with people like you today to get justice, employment, rights, education, employment and equality. At 3%, you are still encroaching a lot of the space.”

This is not the first time that a call for genocide of the Tamil Brahmin community has been made by ‘Periyar’ists.

Earlier in December 2021, Savukku Shankar, a DMK sympathizer and a ‘Periyar’ist, who is known for being a motor mouth, posted on his social media promoting genocide against Tamil Brahmins.

Taking to both Twitter and Facebook, he had written, “If it is justified to trouble Muslims today, because of how Muslim kings had troubled us in the past, then why haven’t we started troubling Brahmins for the troubles they have given us in the past?” The post was deleted from Facebook after it was reported, as it went against the platform’s community guidelines. However, it is still available on Savukku Shankar’s Twitter.

In another instance, Dr K Kantharaj, a Dravidian-demagogue doctor who appears on several YouTube channels, spewed venom and made genocidal remarks against the Tamil Brahmin community.

Calling Brahmins derogatorily as “Paapara Paya”, he goes on to say, “Who are you? You are an Aryan. An immigrant. What is the connection between you and this country? You were rearing cows for a living in Central Asia. How did you come here? You and your religion do not belong here. It is there in history. You came into this country riding cows. You are today claiming this to be your country?”.

“You better go to your own country. Go there. There only you (Tamil Brahmins) were thrashed by Chengiz Khan and Taimur. You came here whimpering.”, he says.

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