Delhi’s most wanted gangster Deepak Boxer caught in Mexico

Deepak Boxer became the head of Jitender Gogi’s gang after the latter was shot dead inside a courtroom in Delhi’s Rohini court complex by two men dressed as lawyers, who were members of his rival Sunil Maan alias Tillu Tajpuriya’s gang, on September 24, 2021.

One of Delhi’s most wanted gangsters, Deepak Boxer, has been arrested in Mexico by their law enforcement agencies in collaboration with a two-member team of the Delhi police’s special cell that has been camping there for the past couple of days to nab him, senior special cell officers said on Tuesday.

The officers said that another team, having at least five special cell sleuths, have been dispatched to Mexico to complete the legal formalities and obtain Boxer’s custody so that he can be brought back to Delhi and make him face the Indian law enforcement agencies.

This is the first time that a Delhi police team has collaborated with a foreign law enforcement agency on their soil and remained instrumental in the arrest of any fugitive wanted in India, the officer said. Deepak Boxer, who was heading gangster Jitender Maan aka Gogi’s gang, topped the list of the Delhi police’s most wanted gangsters. He carried a reward of 3 lakh on his arrest.

“Some weeks ago, we got authentic information that Deepak Boxer had fled India on a passport that was prepared in some other identity. We had definite clues that he had gone to Mexico and was staying there. His escape from India was facilitated by jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, and Goldy Brar, who is also a fugitive and hiding on a foreign soil,” said one of the special cell officers, and added that various information, confirming presence of Boxer in Mexico were gathered and verified.

After confirmation about his presence, according to the officer, the special cell through Interpol got in touch with the Mexican law enforcement agencies and shared inputs about Boxer. Thereafter, a two-member team of the special cell left for Mexico two days ago. The team members tracked Boxer’s location, identified his hideouts, and finally led the local agencies to nab him.

“Our team members would try their best to convince the country’s agencies and courts to hand over Boxer’s custody and facilitate the procedure for bringing him to Delhi, where we will arrest him and interrogate him in multiple serious cases. Boxer may seek asylum from the Mexican authorities. But we have to put forth our case with determination,” said another senior special cell officer, who has been monitoring the entire operation from Delhi, asking not to be named.

Jitender Gogi was shot dead inside a courtroom in Rohini court complex by two men dressed as lawyers, who were members of his rival Sunil Maan alias Tillu Tajpuriya’s gang, on September 24, 2021. After Gogi’s killing, Boxer became the head of the gang. He was first noticed as a key member of Gogi gang in 2016, when he executed the latter’s escape from police custody in Haryana. He was allegedly involved in planning and execution of the killings of his rivals to avenge Gogi’ killing, police said.

Last year, Boxer through social media posts claimed responsibility for the murder of builder-cum-hotelier, Amit Gupta, who was shot dead outside his office in north Delhi’s Burari on August 23. Boxer and his gang members were annoyed with Gupta because of his association with Tillu gang and they also suspected him to be passing on information about them to some police officers he claimed to be close with, police said.