Delhi Police Rescues Assamese Woman From Being Trafficked

NEW DELHI: A 37-year-old woman from Assam who was trafficked to the national capital has been rescued by the Delhi Police’s Special Police Unit for North Eastern Region (SPUNER).

The woman was being transported from Assam to Delhi by the Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express, according to police.

SPUNER officials assembled a squad and went to New Delhi Railway Station Platform No. 16 as soon as they received the information.

The SPUNER team was ultimately able to track down the trafficked woman from AC-Tier 3 Rajdhani Express after a comprehensive investigation and at least one hour of observation. Further investigation found that the victim had made a WhatsApp friend with a man from Rajasthan, and the two were preparing to go to Rajasthan through New Delhi.

After the woman was rescued, SPUNER officials worked with the SHO and the New Delhi Railway Station before handing her over to the Nari Niketan, Bapnu Ghar, Bhagwan Das Road Authority. The victim’s brother, who had arrived in Delhi and reunited with his sister, had also been informed by the SPUNER staff.

Last year a total of 16 women, Delhi Police have rescued 16 women and 4 underage girls from Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand from the national capital. Human traffickers allegedly enticed the victims under the guise of offering work. Some of the victims claimed they had been forced to work at surrounding houses under duress for the past three months while living in the two-room flat.

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