Delhi Anti Hindu Riots 2020: Seminar analyses the impact of riots on victims after two years

Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA) organised a programme Dilli Danga- Ek Prayog, on the second anniversary of Delhi Riots 2020 on Wednesday (February 23) at the Constitution Club of India. East Delhi had witnessed massive communal riots from 23 to 26 February 2020, in which 53 citizens had lost their lives, in addition to the mammoth loss of properties- moveable and immovable. With the support of the Independent Forum for Rational Actions (IFRA), GIA organised the programme to analyse the riots and their impact on the victims and their families after two years.

Advocate Kapil Kumar, who is fighting some cases of the riots in Delhi High Court, provided an update of cases. He informed that 753 cases were registered and charge sheets have been filed in 356 cases. Charges have been framed in 94 cases, and 12 cases have been discharged due to lack of evidence. He further talked about the chronology of events leading to the Delhi riots- beginning from the passing of the CAA in the Parliament to the rioting.

Nirmal Kaur, (Retd.) DG Police Jharkhand, known as Hunterwali in Jharkhand, where she worked for a long time, shared her own experiences of conflict areas. She analysed the pattern of Delhi riots and the SOP followed by conspirators. She questioned how the right to protest has become sacrosanct, even at the cost of maximum public inconvenience.  

Nupur J. Sharma, Editor-in-Chief, OpIndia, who has done the widest coverage of the Delhi riots, termed the three days of communal mayhem as ‘anti-Hindu’ riots. She questioned the intentions of the section of media for the notorious ‘Muslim pogrom’ term. She said the riots need to be analysed based on their initiation rather than casualties. 

Monika Arora, Advocate Supreme Court of India and Convener, GIA and writer of the Delhi Riots book, explained how the riots were not a ‘sanyog’ but a ‘prayog’. The riots were a pre-conceived, pre-planned conspiracy, executed in tandem by Islamist forces and the communist intellectual eco-system.

A few victim families, too, shared their tales of pain and suffering in the programme. Anita Rani appealed for justice for her son, who has been in jail for two years now and could not get bail. She said he is completely innocent and nowhere involved in rioting. A few others from East Delhi shared how the fear still prevails and how the exodus of about 20% of Hindu families happened.

GIA members Dr Sonali Chitalkar made a presentation on riots, and Dr Namita Gandhi coordinated the programme, whereas Dr Poonam Kumaria proposed the vote of thanks. 

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