CorCom issues boycott call on Feb 22

Imphal, February 20 2022: The proscribed Coordination Committee (CorCom) has announced boycott of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Manipur (Kangleipak) on February 22 and imposed a total shutdown across the State from 1 am of of the particular day till he leaves.

The shutdown, however, will not cover rituals, health and other emergency services.

In a statement, CorCom claimed that the proposed visit of Naredra Modi is merely to campaign for an election which is to be held in two phases on February 28 and March 5 .

Alleging that ‘colonial India’ has been oppressing the people of Manipur since the last 70 or so years and the visit of Narendra Modi will not bring any development to return the lost sovereignty of Kangleipak, the committee claimed that election is a routine work of India to continue occupation of the erstwhile kingdom and present itself to the world as a democratic Nation.

“Colonial India is spending a large amount of money and sending several Cabinet Ministers and leaders to stick to this routine work and deceive the people,” it alleged.

Further alleging that Indian leaders have been scheming to disturb and interfere into the unity and territorial integrity of Manipur, CorCom claimed that none of the political parties incorporate any agenda in their respective manifestos which will benefit and protect the identity of the indigenous people in the long run.

Even if some points are incorporated in the interest of the people, they will never be fulfilled as their sole intention is to attract the voters, the statement claimed.

The committee further stated that the people of Manipur will never fall into the trap of colonial India.

Claiming that election offices in different parts of the State have become a den for drug and substance abuse, the CorCom alleged that such a practice will continue till the election result is declared at the cost of “our invaluable youth” .

Majority of the candidates and their close supporters have been commissioning different forms of crimes and intimidating the masses to win election, CorCom alleged and added that election also creates lasting enemity amongst the people.

The passion for election also discourages work culture among a large chunk of people, CorCom claimed and alleged that candidates spending a huge amount of money in the election and the tendency of the voters to accept money from all the candidates have made ‘us dishonourable’ .

Claiming that a number of leaders are preparing in full swing to welcome the Prime Minister on November 22, the CorCom urged the people of Manipur to boycott the proposed visit collectively.

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