Congress to take legal action against MLAs RK Imo, Yamthong Haokip

Imphal, November 10 2021: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) vice president and spokesperson Kh Devbrata has informed that the party is all set to take legal action against MLAs RK Imo and Yamthong Haokip, who defected from the party to join BJP.

Addressing a press meet held at Congress Bhawan here on Wednesday, Kh Devbrata clarified that although there is no anger over the two MLAs defecting to BJP, it would have been better had the two MLAs joined BJP after resigning from the MLA seats, as a mark of respect to the Constitution of India.

The speaker should have disqualified those who defected from Congress to BJP in violation of the rules under the Tenth Schedule.

However, the speaker has chosen to maintain silence.

As such, MPCC is all set to take legal action against the two MLAs after the MPCC team led by CLP leader O Ibobi and party president N Loken, who are currently in Delhi, returns to Imphal.

“BJP has been campaigning for a ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ but the people have realised the political lies being weaved by the former and as such, the campaign has now become ‘BJP Mukt Bharat'”, he contended.

Reacting to BJP president A Shar-da’s statement made during a programme held at BJP’s office to welcome Congress members of Chingai AC on Tuesday, Devbrata said that BJP is continuously trying to fool the people by falsifying old the records with new records and propagating fake news repeatedly to show the party’s prowess.

Regarding the Chingai Congress members joining BJP, the vice president informed that the turncoats had left Congress on September 18 with the party’s approval after they voiced their wish to support Chingai AC’s BJP intending candidate Ningam Chamboi.

In addition, the 20 members are not all office bearers, as is claimed.

“It is regrettable of BJP’s Ningam Chamboi to lie to the party president by claiming that the ex-Congress members had newly defected to BJP, even after previously making a post on social media that some Chingai Block Congress office bearers had joined BJP to support him.

Such deceitful acts cannot help BJP put an end to Congress’ long history with the country”, Devbrata said, while stating that it is a shameful matter for BJP.

The vice president continued: “BJP says one thing and does something else.

BJP should realise its folly considering it is Congress’ feat in the by-polls of the states of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Karnataka, resulting in 2 MP and several MLA seats.

In addition, BJP’s rule has been devastating the Indian economy, including the lie to curb black money and demonetisation”.

Questioning CM Biren’s statements made during an event in Takhel on Tuesday over turncoats, Devbrata remarked that the statements are particularly hypocritical when it comes to the joining of RK Imo and Yamthong Haokip, who had been expelled from Congress a few months earlier.

“It is unbecoming of the CM to make such statements.

The Tenth Schedule clearly states that the MLA should resign from his/her seat before leaving his/her own party to join another party.

However, the BJP government has been committing violations upon violations, with its MLAs breaking laws and disrespecting the Constitution.

Nonetheless, Manipur will soon be rid of BJP just like in West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan”, Devbrata said.

The press meet was also attended by MPCC general secretary L Tilotama.

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