Congress leader Rahul Gandhi deleted NorthEast from his version of India

Guwahati: It has become a habit for the Congress leaders to insult the North-East region through their dialogues and speeches. This time the so-called Rajkumar of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, insulted the people of North East India through his insensitive tweets. It seems like Rahul Gandhi doesn’t consider the North East as a part of India. Supporting the “Hijab Row”, Rahul Gandhi first insulted the unity and integrity of India. Later, in a tweet, the Congress leader wrote India is a union of states. 

Reacting sharply on this note by Rahul Gandhi, Assam CM Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “India can’t be held hostage to your tukde tukde philosophy. India is far beyond just being a nation, we are a proud nation.” Dr Sarma further questioned Rahul Gandhi, “What is your problem with nation, nationality and nationalism?”

Rahul Gandhi further tweeted, “From Kashmir to Kerala, from Gujarat to West Bengal, India is beautiful in all its colour.” This means North East doesn’t exist in Rahul Gandhi’s India. Rahul Gandhi’s India ends in West Bengal. It should be mentioned that the Congress party neglected the Northeast region for several decades when it was in power in the centre and states. The people of the Northeast were deprived of all development, and the region became a hub of extremists and separatists. There was a lack of communication, education, central funding, infrastructure, etc., during the long congress tenure in all 7 Northeastern states.

The people of the region ousted the Congress party from power in all the seven states. So the frustrated Congress leader Rahul Gandhi deleted North East from his version of India. BJP National General Secretary and MP from Assam Dilip Saikia said the people of the North East would remember the insult by Mr Gandhi and reply to it by their power of vote during elections. MP Saikia tweets, “Mr. Gandhi there is India beyond West Bengal. Either you don’t know about India’s geography or you don’t want to take the name of Arunachal Pradesh so that your friends from China don’t get embarrassed.”

Source: Oragniser

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