Communist Propaganda Website The Wire & Its Editor Siddharth Varadarajan Continue Peddling Lie About Godhra to Whitewash Islamist Crime

A Muslim mob attacked the Sabarmati Express in Godhra on February 27, 2002, and killed 59 Karsevaks, including women & children, who were returning from Ayodhya.

This is plain fact. From that very fateful day, Leftists and Islamists have been peddling the lie that it was just a fire accident in Godhra that killed Karsevaks.

Twenty years since the Hindu massacre in Godhra, Leftists and Islamists have not stopped humiliating the 59 innocent Karsevaks who were burnt alive by the Muslim mob.

Editor of the Leftist propaganda website The Wire Siddharth Varadarajan posted on Twitter on Friday (March 4), “20 years on, we are still living the lie that anti-Hindu conspirators forcibly entered a railway coach filled to the brim with karsevaks, poured 60 litres of petrol and set it on fire without a SINGLE passenger seeing them do this. Yes, not even one.”

Political analyst and writer Sneha commented on Varadarajan’s post that Karsevaks set themselves on fire. Varadarajan replied, saying, “No they didn’t. But the police claim is a pathetic lie as well.”

In an important reply, she reminded Varadarajan, “Jabir Behera in his confession dated 5.2.03 said that he brought petrol with Salim Panwala. Then Salim inquired at station if Sabarmati express was on time. Mohammad cut the vestibule between S6 and S7. Shaukat Lalu and Salim Jarda have also testified the same in their confession.”

On Thursday (March 3), Siddharth Varadarajan published a piece by propagandist Prem Shankar Jha on his propaganda website The Wire.

Jha’s piece argues that the Godhra Hindu massacre was just an accident. Jha writes, “The train was carrying a large number of karsevaks who had forcibly boarded the train at Ayodhya. When it arrived at Godhra, therefore, it was carrying 2,000 or more passengers against a capacity of 1,100. When coach S-6 caught fire, it was jam packed with some of these karsevaks.”

“When coach S-6 caught fire…” Did it catch fire on its own? Further dehumanising the Karsevaks, Jha writes, “The presence of the kar sevaks, the fact that some of these had misbehaved with Muslim vendors on the platform at Godhra both while on their way to Ayodhya and on their way back…”

After coming to power at the centre in 2004, Congress-led UPA constituted the UC Banerjee committee in September that year to ‘investigate’ Godhra train ‘accident’. In its interim report in 2005, the Banerjee committee ‘concluded’ Godhra incident was an ‘accident’.

Propaganda website AltNews co-founder Pratika Sinha’s father Mukul Sinha led the battle of dehumanising victim Karsevaks from the front.

The report of the UC Banerjee committee was first debunked by the Gujarat High Court and the Supreme Court. The Nanavati-Mehta commission, which looked into the Godhra Hindu massacre, examined over 40000 documents and heard the testimonies of over 1000 witnesses.

In its report, it noted, “During investigation of the Godhra incident, statements and confessions of many persons were recorded. As stated by Dy.S.P. Noel Parmar (W-1000) on the basis of those statements and confessions, he had felt that the Godhra incident was pre-planned and was a part of a bigger conspiracy, which was hatched earlier by Nannumiya, Maulvi Umarji, Rajak Kurkur, Salim alias Salimyusuf Sattar Jarda and Salim Panwala and others.”

The 196-page report lays threadbare how Muslims had planned the massacre. They not only had burnt the coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express in the morning, but the Muslim mob also returned three hours later to carry out more attacks on the train. The evidence could not convince the Leftists and the Islamists, and the Karsevaks have no option but to die multiple deaths. 

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