CM Biren presents supplementary grants, Budget Estimates for 2021-22

Imphal, March 24 2022: Chief Minister N Biren Singh today tabled Demands for Supplementary Grants 2021-2022 and Budget Estimates 2022- 2023 in the afternoon session of the 1st day of the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly.

The Chief Minister also presented the first report of the Business Advisory Committee, 2022 and laid the annual report of Manipur Information Commission for the year 2018-2019 and Manipur Lokayukta 2020-2021 .

The Chief Minister proposed a total expenditure of Rs 34284 crore for the fiscal 2022-23 out of the Consolidated Fund of the State.

As per the Chief Minister, the Revenue Expendi- ture is estimated at Rs 17819 crore while the capital outlay is Rs 8930 crore.

He further maintained that the State may witness a budget deficit of Rs 2701 during the next year which is 6.38 per cent of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP).

Maintaining that the Government had little time to prepare the Budget due to paucity of time, the Chief Minister informed that the Government is only presenting only a vote on account for the BE 2022-23 so that the Government can discharge its responsibilities and meet all essential expenditure during the first four months of the financial year 2022-23 .

The full Budget will be presented at a later date, he informed .

As for the BE 2022-23, the Chief Minister said that the budget is tentative in nature and its content and size may undergo major changes when the full budget is presented.

N Biren continued that the total expenditure estimated in the Budget Estimate (RE) 2021-22 stood at Rs 28824 crore and it was revised to Rs 32,548 crore during the Revised Estimate (RE) .

Maintaining that revenue and capital receipts were estimated at Rs 21520 crore and Rs 4503 crore respectively in Budget Estimate 2021-22, the Chief Minister added that the figures have been revised to Rs 21197 crore and Rs.8928 crore in RE 2021-22 respectively.

The capital outlay has been increased significantly from the BE of Rs 5526 crore to Rs 7797 crore in the RE, the Chief Minister said.

Continuing that the current year is expected to have a budgetary deficit of Rs 2422 crore in RE 2021- 22 as against the deficit of Rs 2800 crore in BE 2021-22, N Biren maintained that the fiscal deficit for 2021-22 (RE) is projected at Rs 3761 crore, which is 9.96 % of GSDP.

The Chief Minister further stated that the budget will be presented in e-budget form from this year onwards, whereby all budget documents will be made available an electronic format.

Meanwhile, N Biren expressed gratitude to the people of Manipur for the mandate given in the recently concluded Assembly election and assured that the trust they have received will not be betrayed.

Saying that the previous BJP-led Government faced massive challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic during the last two years, N Biren stated that the previous Government, nonetheless, fulfilled all its commitments including funding of the health sector to meet Covid challenges and payment of salaries and pensions, among others.

The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) for 2021-22 is estimated at Rs.37,760 crore at current prices, he said and added that the GSDP may reach Rs 42,301 crore in the next financial year.

He also said that the State Government would introduce additional measures to increase the revenue collection.

Mentioning that entrepreneurship and Start-ups are essential to improve the economy of the State, the Chief Minister stated that the Government will extend more support to the Start-ups for wealth creation and employment generation.

The previous Government made huge investments in the healthcare sector to effectively manage the pandemic, he continued and further informed that the Government is committed to commence the first session of Churachandpur Medical College this calendar year.

The Government is also committed to enhance the tourism sector, he said.

On connectivity, N Biren stated that the railway line is targeted to reach Imphal by 2023 while helicopter services will be starting from additional locations in the State too.

N Biren also mentioned that the Government is considering bringing concrete roads and pavements within the Imphal city as an externally aided project.

The Government is also hopeful of providing clean water to every household by the end of 2022, the Chief Minister informed.

On education sector, N Biren maintained that the Government will continue the ‘School Fagathansi Mission’ and also focus on improving the quality of education by focusing more on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to improve critical thinking and introduce ‘coding’ from a young age to prepare the students ready for this ‘Information Technology’ age.

On sports, N Biren said that the Government is planning to set up state-of-the-art training facilities and provide necessary support to the sportspersons.

The Government will also focus on maintaining proper land records and an effective land revenue system to unlock the economic potential of ‘our land resource’ .

Saying that the Government will increase the health insurance given under CMHT to Rs 5 lakh per family per year and the monthly pension given to senior citizens to Rs 1000 .

After the Governor’s address and motion of thanks to the Governor’s address, obituary reference was conducted on the demise of the five former Members of the Manipur Legislative Assembly – Leitanthem Tomba Singh of 31- Thoubal AC, A Aza of 45- Chingai (ST) AC, Wahengbam Angou Singh of 21- Naoriya Pakhanglakpa AC, Mayengbam Manihar Singh of 36- Wabagai AC and Athuibo Daimai of Aimol AC.

During the obituary reference, Chief Minister N Biren Singh said that losing the prominent Members of the Assembly is a great loss for the State but their deeds and dedicated services to the people will always be remembered.

Opposition leader O Ibobi Singh, MLAs Khasim Vasum, Usham Deven Singh and Minister Awangbow Newmai also expressed their profound grief and sorrow on the demise of the former Members.

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