China: Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pulled down crosses from the top of Christian churches

As China became relatively free from the pressure of fighting the pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has started pulling down more crosses from the top of Christian churches now as part of its post-Corona crusade against Christianity and other religions.

The campaign is reportedly aimed at eradicating the Christian religious and cultural symbols from the Chinese landscape, reports

If reports are to be believed, the crusade was launched almost two years ago, which has now gained momentum leaving Christian communities in China horrified, as the government started tearing down thousands of crucifixes in a crude bid to eradicate the faith in the country.

Several members of the public have since been arrested for attempting to halt the government’s crude attempt to suppress the faith.

Christian charity China Aid has also confirmed that more than 2000 crosses had now been demolished by the government as part of their “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” campaign.

At the time Release international, which aids prosecuted Christians across the globe, expressed concerns over the Chinese Government’s merciless approach to remove the religious symbol from the city of Wenzhou, which is also known as the Chinese Jerusalem for its strong Christian presence.

Father Chen from China has also called on Catholics across the globe to join together and speak out to restore the rights of Christians in China.

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