BJP urges Congress not to use communal card to win votes

Imphal, October 29 2021: BJP Manipur Pradesh spokesperson Ch Bijoy has urged Congress not to play the communal card without any knowledge on facts and figures with regard to the Govindajee issue.

Speaking to newspersons at his residence in Lamphel on Friday, Ch Bijoy expressed that regarding the ongoing issue of Govindajee Temple Board and Pandit Loishang, Congress spokesperson Bhupenda termed the issue to be complex after his own on-spot assessment.

However, there is no basis for Congress to make the stand that it will not tolerate any attempts to desecrate a religion and replace it with another religion.

“Congress is aware of its hopelessness in the upcoming polls and as such, is adopting communal tone, while pushing the blame on BJP, labelling it as a communal party.

At present, Congress is playing the communal card over Meitei unity.

However, the party is bound to suffer a backlash if it wants to communalise,” he remarked, while recounting that in the last midterm election, Congress’ Bhakta Charan Das spoke in support of the Muslim community and acted to be against the Hindu community during a meeting in Wangoi.

Strongly condemning Bhupenda for playing the communal card without having any knowledge of the fact and figures; the BJP spokesperson said that the matter is completely different at the spot.

The incident which happened inside Govindajee, in reality, was some members setting fire on few of the wooden planks used in the construction of the structures, as a means of voicing their anger.

However, Congress attempted to communalise the incident under the assumption that the people would not have any idea about the sacred sites of Lainingthou Nongshaba, Pakhangba and Yumjao Lairembi.

“The two Lainingthou and Lairembi were originally located at Pakhangba Pukhri along the road to Advanced Hospital, which is now the office of Macha Leima.

The site was originally regarded as a sacred place and various rituals were carried out by Pandit Loishang under Govindajee Temple Board.

Pandit Loishang was set up under the then kings of Manipur but is now under Govindajee Temple Board.

“Furthermore, Pandit Loishang had moved into a new building during the pandemic.

Thus, the ongoing dispute in the interests of Meitei Unity is unwarranted.

Congress is simply trying to take advantage of the issue.

The Meitei community is infamous for being disunited.

It would be better to resolve such dissonance and instead, strive for same spirit,” Bijoy said, while urging the people to be aware of Congress’ use of communal card.

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