BJP states stand on Agnipath Scheme Don’t endanger future of youth while trying to vilify BJP: K Bikram

Imphal, June 21 2022: BJP Manipur Pradesh has appealed to the opposition parties not to mislead and put the future prospects of the youth in danger just because they are habitually prone to dislike any welfare schemes introduced by the BJP government.

Terming the protests led by opposition parties against the Agnipath scheme as unreasonable and devaluing the youth, BJP Manipur Pradesh secretary K Bikram stated that understanding the youth as the powerhouse of the nation, PM Narendra Modi launched the Agnipath Scheme, while also keeping the future of the young people in mind.

Under this scheme, the minimum educational requirement for joining armed forces is Class X passed, with the age limit set between 17.5 to 21 years.

The scheme provides the youth an opportunity to serve in the armed forces and cultivate the spirit of patriotism during the service period of 4 years, of which the initial 6 months will be the training period and the rest to be spent in full service.

After 4 years, 74 per cent of the Agniveers will be given retirement and opportunities to join other fields.

The remaining 25 percent will be fully absorbed into the Indian Anny, he stated.

Under the scheme, the Agniveers will get a salary of Rs 21,000 per month in the first year, with the total amounting to Rs 2 lakh a year.

In the second year, the salary will be Rs 23,000 per month, totalling Rs 2.75 lakh a year; while in the third year, the salary for the year will be Rs 3 lakh.

In the fourth year, the salary for the year will be Rs 3.36 lakh.

Thus, the total salary for four years will be Rs 11 lakh.

At the time of retirement, the total amount to be received by an Agniveer will be around Rs 13 lakh, the secretary pointed out.

During the training period, the Agniveers will receive ex cellent training, free food and clothing.

After the 4-year period, opportunities are numerous whether it may be in the armed forces, navy, railways and other sectors, and big companies.

Agniveers who successfully complete the service would be provided 10 per cent quota.

Thus, the ongoing pro tests including destruction of government properties is heart-breaking, he expressed, while questioning where the opposition parties are planning to lead the youth towards.

“It is fine to dislike BJP, but do not put the future of the youth and the country at risk, ” Bikram said.

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