BJP spokesperson bares fangs at NPP

Imphal, February 10 2022: BJP Manipur Pradesh chief spokesman Ch Bijoy has categorically stated that NPP was planning from the very beginning to topple the BJP-led Government.

He said that NPP was also the kingpin in creating an internal turmoil within the coalition Government.

Speaking to media persons at his Lamphel residence today, Bijoy pointed out that all the four MLAs of NPP were given Ministerial portfolios even though two were dropped later.

Asserting that NPP was a type of blood-sucking parasite, Bijoy accused NPP of planning to topple the BJP-led Government and put one of their men on the Chief Minister’s seat.

The internal turmoil seen within BJP was engineered by the four NPP MLAs as they were both anti-Government and anti-N Biren, Bijoy said.

It was at the instigation of the NPP MLAs that three BJP MLAs resigned from the membership of Manipur Legislative Assembly during the Rajya Sabha election, said the BJP chief spokesman.

He then urged the people to ask who and which party deducted three per cent when the State’s budgetary allocations were released during the past five years.

He reiterated that the turmoil which rocked the coalition Government was the handiwork of NPP.

If one does not like National parties, one may vote for local parties but giving room to the Chief Minister of Meghalaya to interfere into the politics of Manipur is unacceptable, Bijoy said.

If the people vote for NPP, it would be akin to having two Chief Ministers in Manipur.

It is not desirable for a State to have two heads of power or two centres of command, he said.

As for the pre-poll alliance called Manipur Progressive Secular Alliance (MPSA) formed by Congress party with five Left parties, it is like adding a number of zeroes to A.So the end result would be the same Congress party, he remarked.

MPSA’s 18-point common minimum programme is driven by a negative vision to defeat BJP, Narendra Modi and N Biren.

The other points are put there just for name’s sake, he said.

Except for the main agenda of defeating BJP, the common minimum programme does not talk about development nor people’s welfare, said the BJP chief spokesman.

The common minimum programme does not mention anything about unemployment, economic downturn triggered by Covid pandemic or human development index, Bijoy said.

Saying that Congress party does not know anything about what the BJP-led Government did as they sat on the Opposition bench with their eyes closed, the BJP chief spokesman asked Congress to send a team to Churachandpur and see the medical college set up there.

Ridiculing the Congress party’s manifesto as bereft of any substance, Bijoy remarked that the Congress party’s promise to give jobs to 50,000 youth in a year was simply blurted out without giving any thought.

The agenda of setting up Manipur Regiment is a good step but the same agenda was inserted in BJP’s election manifesto of 1995 and the same agenda was raised to the then Congress Government of the Centre.

But the then Central Government brushed aside the proposal on the pretext that majority of Manipuri youth were anti-India, Bijoy added.

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