BJP Manipur chief clarifies on ticket-snub to 3 MLAs

Imphal, January 30 2022: While explaining that three sitting BJP MLAs were not given the party tickets not because of poor performance nor any fear of losing the polls; BJP Manipur Pradesh president A Sharda Devi has stated that they would be “fitted” to different areas commensurate with their capability.

Speaking to media person after the announcement of the much-awaited list of BJP candidates on Sunday, Sharda explained that the tickets were not given to the three MLAs due to fear of losing the polls, but because of age factor of at-least two, as the party does not give ticket to anyone aged 70 years and above.

It is to allow the youth to make better contributions and the vision of party leaders to fit the experienced members in different key areas instead of just considering the polls.

Even if there is no age factor and any poor performance with regard to the other MLA, the key is increasing the participation of young people.

An example would be Mary Kom’s nomination as Member of Parliament (MP).

Additionally, one can serve the people without contesting the polls, such as the political posts in Commissions like the Women Commission, she conveyed.

Regarding fielding of 3 women candidates, the party president remarked that of the three candidates, one had won the seat for Kangpokpi in the last polls, while candidate SS Olish of Chandel had contested previous polls.

She then expressed belief that the two candidates for Naoriya Pakhanglakpa and Chandel seats will win the polls.

“The party wants to provide opportunity to women in electoral process just as it is doing so in the party organisation.

Thus, the candidates for the upcoming election are all good, which will ensure the party’s victory in over 40 seats.

BJP will be forming the new government”, she contended.

Sharda continued: “The intending candidates were not excluded from the final list because of any ill-intentions.

The list was finalised by the Parliamentary Board based on BJP’s “Nation First, Party Second and Self Last” ideology and the surveys carried out.

There is no partiality involved as the existing candidates were asked to consider their selves as the last priority”.

On the other hand, in response to this daily’s question on what the party’s plans are to prevent the unselected candidates from joining other political parties, CM N Biren stated that although some of the unselected candidates may leave the party, majority of them have decided to cooperate with the party.

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