Bill Gates Laudes the Steps Taken by Modi Government Towards Development.

Some of the fields highlighted include health, development, climate change and education

Bill Gates, the co-founder of the tech giant Microsoft interacted with the Prime Minister of India on Friday to discuss multiple topics ranging from immunisation to digitalisation and education to climate change. He also met up with several other leaders including industrialists and politicians during his visit. He shared the details of the meetings on his blog entitled “GatesNotes”. The technologist turned philanthropist commended the noteworthy progress of the country in a multitude of fields. Some of them include health, development, climate change and education. He also mentioned that India has shown what can be possible if proper investment is done in innovation.

Bill Gates Laudes the Steps Taken by Modi Government Towards Development

Bill Gates and Shri Narendra Modi

Bill Gates applauded the excellent vaccination policy as well as the excellent end-to-end delivery system enforced in the country to ensure that the large Indian population gets inoculated against the Covid-19 pandemic. “Vaccines produced in India have saved millions of lives during the pandemic and prevented other diseases around the world,” he mentioned. Bill Gates also mentioned about the CoWin portal that enabled the timely administration of vaccines.

He also spoke well about the digital payment revolution in the country to enable the delivery of the schemes of the government even at the grass root level. “India has made financial inclusion a priority, investing in a digital ID system and creating innovative platforms for digital banking…a fantastic investment,” he wrote. He also mentioned India’s Gati Shakti Program which sets an example of how digitalisation and technology utilisation has helped the government to work better. This system connects multiple avenues including 16 ministries so that they can integrate the planning and execution of infrastructural development projects towards further development.
Bill Gates also mentioned the steps taken by the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party government towards the control and elimination of multiple infectious diseases in the country.

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