‘Bharat allows all faiths to flourish and co-exist, partition in the name of religion will never be allowed again’: RSS chief

On November 25, Mohan Bhagwat, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), said that the forces trying to create another partition in India over religious lines will not be allowed to succeed. The Sangh chief was addressing the attendees of the launch of the book ‘Vibhajankalin Bharat Ke Sakshi’ written by Krishna Nand Sagar in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He said that this is India of 2021, not 1947. The partition has happened once, it will not be allowed to happen again. https://www.youtube.com/embed/A-gRXwFTMdM

Bhagwat asserted that just because some people have changed their method of worship, it does not mean they have become separated from the civilisational and cultural bonds that unite the people of India, “Your way of worship has changed. It does not matter to us because we have the tradition of ‘Jaki rahi bhawna jaisi, prabhu murat dekhi tin jaisi’ here. If you want to come to the ancestors’ house, then come. We are ready for it. If you don’t feel like that, keep worshipping as per your faith. We will protect our way of worship. But separation would not work. Motherland is our strength. This is not a property that you are asking for. It can neither be rented nor sold. It is our motherland. You have to live with the same spirit.” https://www.youtube.com/embed/A-gRXwFTMdM

Speaking on the partition, the RSS chief stated that the partition of the country on religious grounds was a mistake. He added that the situation has changed a lot. The partition was poorly executed, there was a lot of bloodshed and enmity, but the same will not be repeated again.

Bhagwat further added, “A planned conspiracy was hatched. We left everything to settle. We changed the colours of our national flag because they would feel bad. We accepted the demand of dividing the country; otherwise, they would have felt bad. Those who believe in ‘We took Pakistan with a smile, we will take India with a fight’, I want to tell them that I travel across the country. Let me tell you, this is 2021, not 1947. Our society took a big hit, bled and cried with pain. But now we will not forget this. Hence, the division of India is no longer possible. If anyone tries to do it, they will be broken into pieces.”

While talking about the partition, Bhagwat said, “The partition of the country is an indestructible pain because humanity was sacrificed before the partition. We accepted it so that the rivers of blood would not flow. The amount of blood that was flowed was much more than that would have flowed if we had not accepted the partition. Neither India is happy, nor the people who had demanded partition in the name of Islam at that time are happy.”

He added, “What is the origin of the mindset of partition? It is in the thought that ‘we cannot live with you.’ Why? ‘Because we are different, so we cannot live together. We have differences. There is no unity.’ The nature of the name Bharat says if you are different, you do not need to be separate. You can keep your differences with you. I have my uniqueness, and I respect that. I respect your uniqueness. What is the point of the quarrel? Let’s live together.”

While targeting the Islamists and British invaders, he said, “The reason behind partition was linked more to the invasions by the Islamists and Britishers compared to the then-present situation. There were many invasions before Islam. They looted and went away or settled and mixed up with the society. Those who had settled here to rule India, where did they go, no one knows. Guru Nanak Dev Ji had warned about the invasion of Islam. He had clearly said that this was an attack on Hindus and Hindustan. It was not an attack on just the way of worship. The formless is also worshipped in India, but that was not spared either as it was not about the way of worship but instinct. The instinct is that ‘we are right, everyone else is wrong, those who want to live, have to live the way we live’.

The Sangh chief further said, “Whatever mistakes we made, we are not going to repeat them. There will never be any compromise regarding the integrity of the country. If we have to fight, we will fight. If we have to die, we will die. There have been so many sacrifices in the name of religion. Those who sacrificed their lives knew if they could not be sure if the world would be safe if they sacrificed their lives. But they did not think about it. This is the truth. This is our Bharatvarsh. This is our Hindu nation. We are Hindus. We will not leave.”

Referring to the slogans to divide the country, he said, “Even after the fragmented independence of August 15, 1947, the struggle has not ended. There is no need to tell you that because there are slogans raised in Bharat, ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’.”

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