Bangladeshi Islamists Threaten Hindus to Make Life Miserable If Girls Not Allowed in Classrooms in Burqa in Karnataka

Islamists in Bangladesh have threatened that they would make the life of Hindus in Bangladesh miserable if girls are not allowed into the classrooms in burqa in Karnataka.

Some Muslim girls in Karnataka’s Udupi had started demanding that they be allowed in classrooms in a burqa in the first week of February. The demand spilled over to other campuses in Karnataka and some other states as well.

Muslim girls approached Karnataka High Court when the administration denied the permission. The single bench of the Karnataka High Court referred the matter to a larger bench.

Three judge-bench, headed by Karnataka High Court Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, are hearing the matter. One of the Muslim girls also moved to the Supreme Court, but the court declined to entertain the plea, saying the matter is already being heard by the High Court.

Multiple media investigations have revealed how radical Islamist organisation Popular Front of India is fuelling the burqa controversy through its student wing Campus Front of India.

Islamists in Bangladesh protested in large numbers on Friday (February 18), demanding Muslim girls be allowed in classrooms in a burqa in India. They threatened they would make the life of Hindus in Bangladesh miserable if Indian Muslim girls are not allowed into the classrooms in a burqa.

One Islamist in the protest march said they would not allow any Hindu woman in Bangladesh to wear a bangle or sindoor.

Islamists have applied a two-pronged strategy in the burqa controversy. Outside the courtroom, they are arguing burqa is a choice for Muslim women, and inside the courtroom, their lawyers are arguing burqa is an integral part of Islam and is mandatory for Muslim women.

Earlier, The Afghanistan Taliban had also extended its support of a burqa in classrooms.

Islami Andolan Bangladesh, one of the participants in the Friday (February 18), threatened in a rally that if Muslim girls are not allowed in classrooms in a burqa, it will have severe consequences for Bangladeshi Hindus, especially women.

The Karnataka High Court did not provide any relief to the protesting Muslim girls in its interim order.

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