Assam to London – 600 Kgs of Lemons Exported from Baksa to London

GUWAHATI: The first consignment of lemons from Assam to London has been dispatched from the Baksa district on Friday.

As per reports, around 600 kgs of lemons have been sent as part of an export commitment by the producer from Salbari in Baksa.

The initiative has been taken by the Nilachal Agro Producer Company Limited of Salbari.

The lemons will be sent from Guwahati to Delhi from where they will be repacked and sent to London.

Taking to his Twitter handle Assam CM wrote, “Happy to share that the first consignment of Assam lemon for export to the UK has been dispatched from Baksa. About 600kg of lemons has been sent as part of an export commitment by the producer at the rate of ₹30 per kg for about 80 tonnes over the next 2 months from Gati, Salbari.”

“The lemons are being delivered to Guwahati from where these will be sent to Delhi where these will be repacked and sent to London,” he further wrote.

In the past six years, Assam witnessed around 80 per cent growth in the exports of agriculture products, mainly to Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Middle East, the UK and Europe. The volume of exports increased from 2.5 million US dollars to 17.2 million US dollars.

Items exported are bhut jalakia, lemon, joha rice, black rice, brown rice, zinger, pumpkin, jack fruits, litchi, bean, brinjal, turmeric, betel nut, non-Basmati rice, etc. It led the region’s youth to involve themselves in organic farming for quality products for exports.

APEDA (Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development and Authority) is extending all support to make Assam and the Northeast an Agri-export hub. It made the region registers 85.34 per growth in exports in the past six years.

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