Assam Police Saves Man from Committing Suicide

GUWAHATI: Social media is not only a platform to share your thoughts and photographs but it can also be a medium of saving lives. Assam police have proved the same by preventing a man from committing suicide.

Initially, the man shared a Facebook live post about ending his life from Bhupen Hazarika Setu (Dholla-Sadiya Bridge).

Timely action and prompt response on social media by Assam Police have saved the man’s life.

The man hails from Sadiya in Assam.

Meanwhile, Sadiya Police in a tweet wrote, “A Facebook live video was received by WSI Mamu Marak of Sadiya PS about a suicide attempt by youth from Bhupen Hazarika Setu ( Dholla-Sadiya Bridge). Input disseminated immediately to patrolling vehicle near bridge & one precious life was saved. The person has been counseled.”

Notably, the novel coronavirus pandemic has pushed many people towards paranoia. Assam Police has been conducting several counseling sessions and reaching out to people to help them overcome depression and other mental health issues.

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