Assam Police open fire at Bangladeshi cattle smugglers near Indo-Bangla border

GUWAHATI: On Tuesday, December 27, after firing multiple rounds of ammunition at Bangladeshi cattle smugglers , there was a shooting incident reported close to the India-Bangladesh border in Assam’s Karimganj district. In the Karimganj district’s Nilambazar police station area, around a kilometer from the international border, the incident happened.

Acting on a tip-off that a group from Bangladesh was planning to enter into the Nilambazar area for allegedly lifting cows and robbing other valuables, a police team led by DSP Gitartha Dev Sarma, was camping in the area since Tuesday night, they said.

The team spotted the movement of the miscreants in Baliabasti, a kilometre away from the international border, and they were asked to surrender, but they fled from the area.

Police opened fire but they managed to escape, taking advantage of the darkness, Dev Sarma said.

There was no report of any casualty or injury.

According to accounts, criminal Bangladeshi thugs from this region have been sneaking into India illegally at night to steal cows from people’s houses in adjacent villages for the previous few days.

Accordingly, on December 27, police learned from unnamed sources that a gang of four people from Bangladesh had crossed into India with the intention of stealing cows. In addition, a police squad headed by Karimganj DSP Gitartha Sharma hurried to the scene late at night on the basis of confidential information. While stealing cows from the Indian border, Bangladeshi criminals were caught in the act, and the authorities ordered them to turn themselves in, but they disobeyed the order.

The cops opened fire on them multiple times when they began to run, but no injuries have yet been reported.

A sharp weapon, some clothing, footwear and food items were recovered from the spot, police said. Patrolling has been intensified along the India-Bangladesh border to prevent illegal entry from the neighbouring country, the DSP added.

Additionally, On December 15 after midnight, seven Bangladeshi nationals were apprehended while attempting to cross into Indian territory at the international boundary between India and Bangladesh in Tripura.


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